Human-Cat Interaction


The brief for this project asked that I design a control with a single input and its resulting action. I chose to design a control for cat toy that could be used remotely to ensure the cat gets exercise and is entertained and happy while its owner is away. Secondarily, I wanted to create a sense of connection between owners with their pets. While working on this project, I tried to imagine this toy as a product with two co-users, the cat and the human, and in designing the control, I wanted to be aware of how every part of the interaction creates an experience for each of the separate users.

Working on this project was enlightening in a number of ways. I was surprised at how complicated a seemingly simple idea can be the more you dig into the nuances and consider the ways that the idea would be best and most completely communicated to someone else. It also was interesting to consider how a product’s purpose can change entirely based on the way it is controlled and, further, how the control can shape users’ perceptions of what the product or device is worth to them, what value it adds to their lives. I think this is a good thing for designers to remember in their work. The seemingly minute details of an interaction have a greater impact than one might see at first glance.


Intro to Interaction Design Studio, Spring 2016, Ashley Deal and Raelynn O'Leary


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