Navigating the Sea of Migraine Treatments


MiBox is a subscription service for migraneurs. 36 million Americans suffer from migraines and there is no permanent cure. There are myriad products and treatments available for migraines, but those can cost a lot of money, adding to the social and professional burdens that come with suffering from migraines. MiBox is a customized and flexible approach to migraine management in which products are delivered to customers' homes to try before investing.

Our brief urged us to design and prototype hybrid digital-physical services to fix something that's broken. We explored multi-channel services and delved into how these channels and touchpoints would play out by making a set of experiments to iterate upon. Our team was interested in the intersection of healthcare and communication especially regarding chronic pain. We focused on migraines since they are an extremely common invisible illness, raising questions about the perception of illness and disability.


Shruti Aditya Chowdhury, Gina Huang, and Lauren Zemering


Designing for Service, Spring 2016, Molly Wright Steenson


Complete Process Documentation and Mock Website

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