A Dyadic Sleep System for Cohabitating Couples


Most sleep solutions on the market today are targeted towards individual benefit. There is an opportunity for more solutions that acknowledge sleep as a family health consideration. This is why we designed Corus, a system that helps cohabitating couples become more synchronized in their sleep routines. It includes a set of holographic candles and an app that connect to the home’s lighting system. Corus helps couples reach a balance in their preferred sleep schedules by calculating the optimal, mutual bedtime for the couple and making them aware of the compromises they are making through subtle display features on the holographic candles and the mobile application.


Meric Dagli, Rossa Kim, and Nehal Vora


Interaction Design Lab, Fall 2016, Austin S. Lee


Philips Design


Concept Generation and Ideation, Design Research Methods and Synthesis, Design Provocations, Sketching and Wireframing, Video Filming and Production


Complete Process Documentation and TEI'17 Work-in-Progress Paper

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